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My mum is being annoying and psychotic, my dad is being moody and irritable, my dog is being bathed and clipped and I am busy being depressed/depressing and posting awful poems when I should be doing something productive like organizing my sock drawer, or disposing of the ink cartridges that are 'cluttering up my room', or revising for a German test that I've already done, or drawing more Goddamn fairies to keep my friend happy, or practising my required charade of the 'perfect daughter', or packing my school bag in advance so I don't forget my PE kit like I did today, or knocking the living daylights out of our bloody oversensitive fire alarm which is currently giving me a splitting headache because everyone is too lazy to close the kitchen door behind them. I can predict that, within two minutes, I will be required to get up from the computer to go and do something completely trivial and totally unimportant like moving my dirty wellies from where they're meant to be, or washing up a coffee cup that's not even mine, or go and see -- there we go: my mum just called. "Is the hoover up there?" Yes mum, do you need it? No, she says, I was just checking. So now she thinks people are sneaking into the house to steal our hoover? "Come and see the dog," she says, "she's all clean and fluffy." And now, the smoke alarm is going off again, and my mother has decided that, yes, she DOES need the hoover, so over the noise of the hoover, smoke alarm, and TV, I can just about hear myself think. Almost. When I plug up my ears, and close my bedroom door, them put my head under the bedcovers. Just you wait, the dog'll need feeding next, or I'll need to go and wash some more dishes that aren't even mine... and there goes the smoke alarm again. And again. Now it's stopped. Won't be too long before it starts again. Now you know why I spend so much time on the internet.


Hi! I really need to test this whole journal thing out, I have NO idea how to use it... Well, an intro to me: I love to read, particularly Harry Potter, and I also like writing fanfiction, over at FanFiction.Net, username BonnieDog, if you want to check it out. I enjoy ice-skating, but I'm not very good! I took a chunk out of my hand last time I went... I have a small Westie called Bonnie, hence the name. I live in the UK, but practically everyone I meet on the internet appears to be American! Okay, now I'm just gonna try and figure out how this image thing works... Hmm, I can't figure it out! Can anybody help? Pleeeeease? ^_^ I'll be back... 

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