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Photobucket Just comment on my intro post, which should be about the only one available on the public view, and I'll most likely friend you. :)


I am:




A not-quite-so-self-confessed weirdo

A writer

An enthusiastic if somewhat crappy artist

Deeply in love with Johnny Depp and any name affiliated with his

Currently reading The Book Thief and wondering how the amazingly talented author comes up with his smilies/metaphors, because they're simply *wonderful*


I write fanfiction at FF.Net, I stick to the HP fandom these days, and I have some wonderful friends over there, most of whom you can find on my f-list below.

I like movies, namely Sweeney Todd right now, which I'm watching illegally, in more ways than one, in two second increments online because of my dodgy Flash player and the weird website... ^^ (Being too young to see it in the cinemas, see?)

I'm currently going through a mild anime obsession, fed deliciously by DeviantArt... :/

Regulus Arcturus Black; the current object of my affections, my worthwhile obsession and, best of all, Sirius's complete opposite! *contented sigh* =D


My favourite topic... Okay, so fortune has blessed me with copies of The Book Thief and Interview With The Vampire, which makes me VERY happy! Admittedly, IWtV, shall have to wait until it comes through the library system, but BF, being a fairly hefty volume, should keep me entertained until then... ^^ From what I've read, I can see what the fuss is about; it's a beautiful book, so descriptive and just *lovely* in the way it's narrated -- by Death, no less. I'm already sucked in, and I'm only on page forty-something!

Obviously, I've also got HP on the brains, the result of my having read them each at least 20 times over, no exaggerations... ^^ I think they jsut cover everything. Every genre you could possibly imagine: horror, angsy, friendship, family supernatural, fantasy, suspense, drama, romance, etc, etc... don't you think?

I also really, really like the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, because I personally think it's the most beautiful, touching love story I've ever read. Enough said. :)


Slightly more difficult; I'm a bad girl, I look at the titles not the authors... :/


JK Rowling
Stephenie Meyer
Mark Haddon
James Patterson Anthony Horowitz
Macrus Zusak (already!)
Paul Stewart

Can't remember any others at the present... ^^


Aha! Music... Ever since just before Christmas, I've come down with a nasty case of MCR-obsessusitis - a grave condition, you know... ^^ Yes. My Chemical Romance rock. My. Socks! :P

I'm also a big fan of The Fray, I just *adored* the How To Save A Life Album, some awesome tracks on there... Little House, All At Once, She Is And Over My head (cable cars) are my favourites, but they're all brilliant! :)

Hmm... I'm varied. I'll listen to mostly anything, but I won't necessarily rush out to buy the album, you know? Katie Melua, Dido... Coldplay, Take That. Oh, and Huffie? It transpires I *have* heard Oasis, I just didn't realise! I am now deeply in love with Wonderwall, I just never knew the name... *smacks head* ;P


"Energizer bunny arrested, charged with battery." ^^ Gotta love it...

More to be added when I'm not in an insomia-induced stupor of exhaustion...


SWEENEY TODD! As mentioned above... *ahem* ^^

*Some* of the HP movies, because they veer hopelessly off track wherever the plot's concerned, Harry's eyes aren't green, and Hermione's discovered hair products... =D

I remember seeing The Guardian a while back, and I really enjoyed it. Very touching... :)

From the bits I've seen of Titanic, it looks wonderful. I cried. *sob* :(


Yay! Random stuff! Um... again, to be updated when I'm fully awake. :P


Artists... my favourite artist, without a doubt, is Salvador Dali. My aunt has some of his work on her living-room walls, and I really began to look at it one day. My fave's Metamorphosis of Narcissus, because I can't decide which side's more dead-looking... ^^ It's a lvoely piece, I can look at it for hours and find something new every time I do. *dreams*


My FanFiction

See above excuses for this currently being under construction... or I could add the fact that I have a vicious cough to the list? Ether or... *dies*


All graphics on this page belong to the nice people over at LeCollage, but let's make it offical: Graphics from lecollage; art by Aline Yamada (the FO banner is LeCollage, but I don't know who did it. :])